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Hi, welcome to my personal site! Here's my life in a wrap:


I'm a creative spirit at heart, and hope to bring a little more color and curiosity into my own life and those around me. I enjoy writing, drawing, music-ing, among other things. What makes me tick? I love exploring new ideas. I love climbing the steep side of the learning curve. At any point, I'm most likely working on an exciting side project(like this). Ask me about it!


I grew up in Los Angeles. And my father, who plays in the LA Philharmonic, taught me the violin. Though I didn't pursue it professionally, music's still in my DNA. A big highlight of my music journey was touring China in 2018 (more here).


My career in marketing started with my love for storytelling. After a few years at Stanford and McKinsey, I'm now leading demand generation at Virta Health. We're a newly minted digital health unicorn. And the home of a diabetes therapy that will change millions of lives around the world!(Linkedin)


How I work best with a team:


CliftonStrengths: Intellection - Learner - Empathy - Achiever - Input

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